Negroamaro Salento
Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin 2008

The Negroamaro (or Negramaro) is a black grape grown almost exclusively in Apulia, particularly around Salento. The origin of the name is nothing more than a repetition of the word “black” in two languages: “niger” in Latin and “mavros” in ancient Greek (hence the word “maru” in local dialect). It is one of the most important grapes of Southern Italy.

Colour: a wine of an intense deep red with low transparency, sometimes even impenetrable
Bouquet: black berries, black cherries, plum and blackberry
Taste: persistent, velvety, with hints of vanilla

The Wine districts: Southern Italy - Apulia
Alcohol by volume: 14% Vol.
Serving Temperature: 16°-18°C
Best paired with: Meatballs in tomato sauce - Grilled meat - Horsemeat in tomato sauce - Chickpea soup